Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Crafting

It was a hub of activity in our house this afternoon, with Easter crafts underway.
I got my daughter painting old egg cartons that we are going to decorate and fill with Easter eggs. One space will have a real half egg and a cute little chick in it.

And I got busy cutting out my fabric for my bunting. In case your wondering about the pink ribbon tied to my scissors, that's to remind my sweet husband that they're my scissors, just before they are used for cutting electrical wire or the likes :)

Do you see my cutting mat? That was a gift from my husbands grandmother, and it doubles as a little ironing board, you just flip it over - how cool is that!

And a small bit of progress today, baby steps, baby steps :)

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Hazel said...

How much fun are you and B having? The bunting is coming along nicely too. Love your chicks. Am attempting to add a blog list at the mo and watch 24 at the same time. This computer is so slow! Hope to see you at music tomorrow! xx