Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well we had a fantastic weekend, and I hope you did to. Our pockets are lighter but the kids had a ball at Royal Easter Show. The kids just had to (or at least I just had to) have a go with the clowns. My absolute favourite! Didn't see the painting spinny thing, which was also a childhood favourite.

Easter craft finished - at least one thing ticked off a mile long list :)
We made five in total to give away and they turned out better than expected. Family were well chuffed to receive something from the kids.

A family tradition continued with the two older kids staying the night at their grandparents to paint eggs for the Easter egg hunt and then Sunday lunch.


Sarah said...

Stacey, love the photos! Am curious to know what the Easter craft was. Looks beautiful with all those sprinkled flowers all over it though! We really must take our girls to the Easter Show one year. Mind you they were too sick this time around. Cute little egg finding photo above. Enjoying reading your blog - did you know I have started one too? Thanking you and Hazel for that idea!

Hazel said...

Glad you enjoyed your Easter. We'll have to do the Easter show next year, sounds cool! Your Easter box looks cute, we only completed one this year but didn't photograph it before giving it to my auntie. You just need your camera on you at all times now with all this blogging lark! Hope you're able to make playgroup one day this week. xx