Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do You Want To Do A Swap?

I keep seeing people in blogland doing swaps, but I always miss out on joining in. They look like so much fun! How exciting making up a little package for your swap partner and in return them sending you one to. Soo....I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies would be interested in a swap if I organise it?

If you're thinking "YES, count me in!" then please help me out by commenting on this post with the following:
  • What theme should we have?
  • How long do you think you need to get organised?
  • How do I match people up?
  • What should be the rules for a swap?
  • Anything else you think may help me organise one.
Basically if you're interested let me know and help me out with a few ideas on how to organise it...please :)


Miss Muggins said...

Stacey - I'd love to do a swap, but feel a little devoid of ideas! I guess if you are going to instigate the swap - you get to choose the theme. I would be happy to play along!

juanitatortilla said...

I have never organised a swap before, but taken part in a couple. I would have to agree with Miss Muggins that you, the organiser, has the magic wand to decide on the theme.
Your other questions should fall into place easier, i.e. will the items be long to acquire/make? How much each person should spend? And it would be nice to get each participant to probably share a little bit more about themselves (regarding the theme of swap), to help her potential partner get a sense of her likes and dislikes before, and while she puts the special swap package together.

I hope this comment helps? GOOD LUCK!

GB said...

Would join in but I've already signed up for a pay-it-forward thing. You could start one of those. The one I've joined is a make something handcrafted - anything. The first three or four people to sign up are yours to send to - but in signing to your they agree to send to four people as well. Not quite a swap, but a lot of people getting things.

hmmmm. A straight out swap would be easier :) I've got four people waiting..... but have a year to get to them! Well six months now :)

One Flew Over said...

I would LOVE to do a swap. You could set the theme by season or colour. Maybe set a 1 month time limit and also a $$ budget. Only people who have a blog can participate, that way we get to know more about are partners likes and dislikes. You could pair up people by picking names out of a hat ( original is that!). Maybe specify that one item needs to be handmade and the other item could be supply based i.e fabric, buttons, ribbon etc etc.

sandy said...

I would love to do a swap, but I don't have a blog. I have never participated in one, so I'm not going to be much help I'm afraid. I have been reading on some other blogs about them and it sounds so much fun. I would be willing to fill out a survey of some kind with some personal info and likes and dislikes for my partner. But whatever you decide will be okay with me. I will still be reading your blog. It's the first one I check each day to see what's new!

Kelly said...

Hi, I have been lurking on your blog for a couple of weeks. I would love to join a swap. I haven't participated in one before so happy to go with whatever you choose. Timeframe prehaps a month??. I love your merino sets. The look so snuggly and warm :)

Jenny said...

Hi Stacey, sorry that I have taken so long to get around to letting you know that you are one of my Pay It Forward winners! I am so happy to be sending you a handmade item within the next 365 days!! (sooner rather than later hope!!) If you could let me know your address (my email is Also, your swap is a wonderful idea, I would love to be involved, I have seen lots of Apron swaps that look great, not sure what else people swap as I have never been involved in one before either but whatever you decide count me in!!

Jennifer said...

How about a handmade purse swap? I've seen so many cute purses out there in blogland!!

Maybe a crochet swap.....scarves?

Or.....I saw where someone did a potholder swap and they were REALLY nice. I so wish I had joined that one. There were size and material requirements to make them top quality. They were very unique and beautiful.

The kids swap was fun...maybe some type of handmade toy swap based on age.....tag blanket, stuffed animal, super hero cape, checkers game, or maybe something general to hold crayons and pencils?

Just ideas for thought!

Kat said...

I would love to join in. Most of the swaps I have done have been between 4-6 weeks to get your stuff made then posted. I have done apron swaps, swaps based on movies and just recently I did the snailblazer swap. You can pick anything like knitting or purses or something then people can get creative.

Ashley said...

I am reading past posts, as I just found your blog, I would love to be involved in a swap. Nice ones I have seen are just a theme - hearts for example and then each person makes something based on their particular skill it just has to involve hearts. so it could be a painting, purse, apron, potholder - anything really!

Ashley said...

oops - I realized that I am a bit late and you have already organized a cool swap - that's just what happens when you are browsing through blogs - well your polka dot swap looks like it will be fun - good luck!