Friday, March 27, 2009

My Projects

So here are some of the projects I am up to at the moment. I have to confess that I am not the best at finishing things...
I have only recently in the last few months discovered the joys and wonders of blogs and flickr - which I am addicted to. I find flickr particularly useful to look at what other people have done for a bit of inspiration.
Hazel introduced me to the wonderful blog Attic24 and I have to say I am hooked - in more ways than one - haha. This blog has inspired me to try my hand at crocheting, which has never interested me in the slightest before. So last Wednesday it all began with a trip to the local Spotlight store and an evening on Youtube following tutorials. Then a one-on-one session with Hazel who is the best knitter and crocheter I know. And here you have it my first ever attempt at crocheting. I thought I would start off with a dolls blanket for my darling daughter.
Here is my basket with the squares I have done so far. I still need to tidy up the loose strands. Note Attic24's wonderful instructions on how to make these.
So I'm never going to be amazing at this craft, but not bad for a beginner I think. I must add that I can't believe how easy crocheting is, I always thought it looked far to complicated for me.

With Easter coming up I also need to get onto my Easter bunting that I want to make. I choose this fabric a few weeks back, but have to admit it really doesn't excite me into action. I think I may need another trip to Spotlight to find some more fabric a bit more inspiring. Buntings are a small addiction of mine and I am trying to make one for every occasion. My children Isabella and Karell have one each that I put up for their "Birthday Week", and I still need to make one for my son Jacques first birthday in August. I also have a Christmas bunting for the lounge and an unfinished Christmas bunting I want to do for my dining room.

And here is some bright and sparkly fabric that I picked up to make my daughters loot bags for her fairy birthday party. It's a real cerise pink, and I will do the ribbon in bright orange, yes orange, I am trying to match it in with a Trelise Cooper fairy skirt we have bought her for her birthday. Exciting exciting, I do tend to get a bit carried away with birthday parties. My husband has named me a "Partyzilla" because I do tend to go over the top.


Attic24 said...

Hello Stacey....and welcome to Blogland!!!!
Looking forward to seeing your little bit of cyberspace grow and flourish and I have to say your crochet squares look beautiful...I LOVE that turquoisey blue colour, I've not been able to find that colour anywhere which is a shame as I love it so!
Belated happy birthday to you too hun, and happy hooking!

Hazad3 said...

Go Stacey Go! Your blog looks great! The photos are awesome - your crochet looks fab and I don't know why you aren't excited about your bunting - the material has a very easter/spring feel. Now I need you to help me enter blogville for myself! Nice one Stacey! xx

PaisleyJade said...

Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. Nice for me to find another NZer who loves the same things as me! I also just got back into crocheting.