Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Afternoon Tea Party

The kids had a friend over for afternoon tea today - yippee! I love an excuse for an afternoon tea party. I have been trifting around the last few months for fine bone china, in the hopes that for my daughters next birthday we can use all mixed matched fine bone china.

We baked some afgans - my husbands favourite at the moment.

As you can see there were differences in opinion on how the table was to be set.

My daughter took particular interest in icing them. Isn't she sweet, at any point in time she would try and have a quick lick of the spoon :)

My thrifting efforts so far on the tea cup front...


Hazel said...

Yum! And beautiful crockery I must say! x

Sarah said...

Hi Stacey! It was lovely to see you visiting my blog today. Just to clear matters up, you're right, I am completely addicted to blogging!! It's all or nothing for me, all the way! Anyway it's you and Hazel's fault for introducing me to it. I got over the Tupperware brochures eventually, so I will get over this too one day. In the meantime I'm having a ball. Loved the civilised tea party and the scrumptious afghans. Sounds perfectly heavenly. See you next week hopefully. xx

Corrie said...

oh the tea cups are lovely! wow I need to search harder I think...maybe ebay! I regret that I once went to a church fete and they had oodles of cups and saucers but I was on such a time limit and they had a fabric section so I went crazy there.

I got the lovely fabric for keira's dress from heather bailey's fabric shop! just follow the link on my blog list to heather baileys blog and her shop is linked on there! she has her entire range and I always buy 5-6 yards to get $12 shipping! you'll need at least 1 1/2 yards of that fabric design if you want exactly the same design on front and back but you can make 2 dresses or 1 dress or 1 skirt from it!

happy shopping!

Sandy said...

Oh how I love the teacups. I always had tea parties with my children, now I plan to carry that on with my granddaughter. I just need to find some of those wonderful tea cups. I would love it if you would give the recipe for those afghans.They look absolutely scrumptious.