Sunday, June 28, 2009

Melbournette's Please Help Me

So I am off to Melbourne this weekend for a long weekend - yippee! I have never been to Melbourne before and I am soo excited. I have been pretty calm about it because I had horrible thoughts of not getting Baby J's passport in time, especially when I made a mistake on his form and it was sent back to me. But it's in my hot hand now and we're off...well first thing Friday morning we're off...

I have four days, four glorious days with my husband and Baby J in Melbourne. So they mustn't be wasted! My older two are going on their own little holiday with their grandparents (my in laws), who have booked a resort in Taupo and plan to take them skiing - how amazing is that! What memories they will have. So everyone is happy, no guilty feelings about leaving them behind.

OK, so enough blahhing on..

Melbounette's out there, please help with a plan of attack! What am I going to do? The very kind Corrie has started my list for me:

Craftie Shops:
Amitie - Bentleigh
Wool Baa - Albert Park
Clegs - City
Kimono House - City
A button shop - in the city - does anyone know about this one?

Make sure you visit the cake shops on Ackland St and St Kilda
Soulmama in St Kilda

Any recommendations on shopping, eating and things to do greatly appreciated - thanks ladies!


Kat said...

Make sure you got to Max Brenners. I'm not sure if you have that in NZ. It is a chocolate shop. They do like chocolate milkshakes, hot chocolates, chocolate fondue and it is all amazing! There is one in the Melbourne Central shopping centre. It is just outside from Kikki K.

rabbit and the duck said...

If it's chocolate you want I recommend Koko Black as well (my preferred chocolate place).
Of course I am going to recommend you come to the Sonny & Coco market, but it might take a bit of time to get there on public transport and not much else around for husbands to look at.
You could visit Gertrude Street in Fitzroy for lots of independent artsy shops. And on Brunswick Street Fitzroy there are loads of cool shops and places to eat. My favourites are Babka's Bakery (not open Monday's) and The Vegie Bar (really great, well priced vegetarian restaurant).
I could go on and on : ) Have you checked out craft city melbourne blog? They have heaps of cool places listed. Oh, and you should look at 'open' - the other blog by 3 buttons, she lists great cafes and retail shops in melb.
Sorry for the massive comment! Email me if you want more info : )

Kuka said...

Yes! Koko Black is divine!!!
Jess from Button Beauty posted a few weeks ago about her trip to Melbourne, and mentioned Buttonmania as a must-visit.
Have a great time!! =)

Karen said...

Buttonmania has been pointed out for you and a new fabric store in the city is Tessuti which you should check out.
Another here who says go for Koko Black - yum! There are a few around so you should be able to find one near where you are.
Have fun - Melbourne's a great city!
Though I may be biased.

Michelle said...

Lost and Found market (for your vintage goodies!) on Smith St, just up from the corner with Gertrud St!

Floss said...

Wow - have a wonderful time!

Sarah said...

So does this mean you won't be coming on Thursday?! Anyway have a fab time, I'm sure you will. Hope your wee lad behaves himself and lets his mummy do lots of shopping. Just the name of that button shop excites me! Look forward to seeing your purchases.

Andi said...

Can't really improve on the suggestions already made other than to say Amitie is an absolute must.
Let me know when you are heading over to Amitie and if possible I'll drop by and say hello.
My mobile no is attached to my emails so hopefully you have that. If not, drop me a line and I'll send you my contact details.
Andi :-)

One Flew Over said...

Patchwork on Central Park is also a must, it is in Malvern East and has a fantastic range...also Amitie which Corrie mentioned.

Notjustnat said...

It seemed you are well look after with the activities. If you are staying over on Sunday don't missed the Camberwell Sunday market. Take the tram to Camberwell and the market is very close to the station. Have a blast, be warn, it is quite cold at the moment. Bring something warm or better still buy something warm here!!!
Enjoy and welcome to Melbourne

beck said...

I think you have so many ideas & suggestions you will need a holiday to recover!!! I hope you have a fantastic time & I'm looking forward to your Melbourne post. We are of there too for five days with the whole gang, should be lots of fun! xox

Bree said...

All of the above, plus an extra visit to Koko Black! Also try Incub8r, Smith St Collinwood
Also close by a nice shoe shop and Fox Boby Art for tatoos if you're feeling a little outlandish!
Have a great trip.

bubbachenille said...

Have fun I am totaly jealous, Melbourne is fantastic if you are a foodie and a craftie ! Dont forget "meet me at Mikes " and incub8or, I think thats how you spell it. We went to a great Italian restaurant in a laneway ! Alas there are so many lane ways !

nikkishell said...

Come and visit me at Tessuti! 141 Flinders Lane, near the corner of Russell Street.
I also recommend you visit Amitie and Buttonmania, they are fabulous shops.
Another shop to visit is Morris and Sons, a yarn store abouve Dymocks on Collins Street.

Sarah said...

I would say Patchwork on Central Park too, amazing Liberty fabrics and heaps of great Melbourne designer fabric too. It's on Glenferrie Rd. Also go to akTextiles at Hawksburn,they have the most beautiful knitting and finished products, also there's a great cafe over the road. Last time I was there we had dinner in Seamstress, which is a new resturant in Chinatown in what used to be a sweatshop. All decorated with old spools of thread and fabrics etc, very funky and GREAT food. Have fun!

Kylie B said...

Oh wow I live just outside Melbourne, I hope you had a wonderful time here!