Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Carnival Spectacular

I think this is my all time favourite party! 
I loved the old fashioned games, and so did the kids!
I made up a checklist with all the games on it, to make sure each kid did each game at least once before they were allowed to choose a prize. My main agenda was to make sure every kid had their photo taken in the photo booth!

And here's the gorgeous Birthday Boy who turned five! He melts my heart...

Definitely the favourite game was the sack races,
 along with balloon pop, which my gorgeous husband manned. 
Luckily a lot of parents stayed and offered to help. 
 Kids lining up to choose their prizes. 
I purchased some face painting supplies and learnt a few basic techniques before the party. 
Pinata's a family tradition at every party. 
My cake I made with the help of my incredible hubby!

A lot of my inspiration was from Maxabella Loves recent carnival party.
And what makes it all worth it...when you still get thank you's from the Birthday Boy months later!


Libbie Doyle said...

So cool! The smiles on their favces are HUGE!!!! I imagine they all went to sleep smiling! LOVE the color scheme & all those fun games! YOu hands-down throw THE BEST parties!!!!

Little Gumnut said...

The standout favourite of mine of these photos is that first shot of Jacques. The delight on his face and the monkey round his neck is so cool!! Well done on another fabulous party! I hope you've got all those printables in your shop because I'm pinning some of your photos... Why don't you put a link to your printables in the post?

Simoney said...

I love your parties! We did this for my son's 5th birthday in April this year too- such a fun theme.
I have a party linky on my blog if you want to link your parties up for my readers to find?

Jenny said...

Fantastic Stacey!! He will always remember it.