Friday, July 13, 2012

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party Day 2

I made each of the girls a yo yo hair clip, and the boys will get three mighty beans. I found a pack of 37 for $8 at the reject shop, I thought that was really good value, plus leftovers will be used for my youngest sons party in four weeks. I plan to use these little goodies for pass the parcel, when a girl is to unwrap I will use pink button paper (which I have designed) and for boys, blue button paper.
I have set myself a budget of $150 for this party, I am pretty sure I will go over it, but I really am trying to stick to it. Things this doesn't include is Isabella's outfit, plus anything I will use again i.e. fabric for a tablecloth.

Total cost for 16 of these goodies:

Fabric - I used what I had
Hair ties - I used what I had
Buttons - a big bag of these buttons were $4.50 (on sale) - so lets say $1.00
Mighty beans - $2.60
Printing - free

Total cost: $3.60


sweet emmelie said...

So sweet! Did you see my lalaloopsy party. My next daughter wants one now so got more time to prepare but of course it all can change!

A Blessed Life said...

You clever cookie...I cannot imagine what the 18th birthday will be like!lol