Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Darling!

Lots of treats and goodies for my gorgeous hubby today. But the best part was a homemade cake made by the kids, and a $1.40 packet of candles. We normally blow out the candles a few times because once is never enough, but tonight we took it to a whole new level. Spending what seemed like a very long time seeing who could blow them all out in one go and then who go blow the middle one out of three, and every now and then my little lad would go and get a new candle to add and that's how we ended up with all those different length candles. What a great night!


Libbie said...

I LOVE the different length candles! I was thinking what a cute idea! They did good! :)

I can imagine the tear you cried over Talin over the weeks...He has touched me so deeply I can't even imagine knowing them & watching them go through what they are. Praying for them....for a long time to come.

Ellieboo said...

blowing out the candles is nearly as good as eating the cake - good idea to do it a few times :)

Posie Patchwork said...

You did well Stacey, birthday cakes & SIT this weekend, love Posie