Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baby Days and Track Pants

My baby days are numbered, with Baby J now nine months old! Oh no! Where has the time gone? I find it all so bitter sweet, you want them to move on out of horrible stages, but you also want to savour those baby days too.
Lately I have been having a play around with sewing track pants for him. What do you think? I have made two pairs now and am feeling fairly confident to progress on to making him a couple of pairs out of merino.I would also like to try making him some long sleeve envelope neckline tops. Can anyone give me some tips on the best way to do this? Like my pants, I will just try to copy a top that he has got that I like. Oh...and a hat, any tips on how to make a hat/beanie greatly appreciated.


One Flew Over said...

I love those track pants! How easy/difficult were they to whip up? They look very cozy.

Julia said...

Hello there!

It was lovely of you to stop by my blog and leave such lovely comments, I just had to take a peek at yours - and how lovely it is too!! Ive enjoyed reading through your posts and I find the little trousers you made for your little man adorable!! Isnt it true how fast they grow up? My little girl turns 2 in 3 weeks time and it seems like in the blink of an eye shes a little girl...times to be cherished indeed!

Sending love to you,
Julia xxx

Karen said...

I too am having those same laments with a little girl who is now 9.5 months old.
Such a sweet age - belly laughing and making lots of lovely 'singing' noises.

The pants look great - sorry but I can't help with the tops, I'm a boring 'pattern follower'!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

bekimarie said...

The track pants look great and they're so great for the little ones.
We had pancakes for breakfast too!
Beki xxx

Floss said...

How wonderful to be able to make these things for your children! You may have to get revise your patching/darning skills as he gets more mobile, too! I am a real star at patching jeans, with two older boys... I've just started off my giveaway, so do pop over and enter - I won't at all mind posting to the other side of the world if you win!

kitty said...

Hello there.
Thanks for visiting my blog, because now I have found yours.
The trackpants are great, I'm quite impressed. I am yet to venture into the world of sewing clothes.
Have a lovely week.

Katy said...

Your baby trackdacks are gorgeous :-) So cute.. Wish i had a little one to dress up, i will just have to stick with dressing up my dog in ridiculous bandannas for the time being (fingers cross - not too long!).

Thanks for your comments on my fabric - i am going to work out a colour scheme like you suggested and see if i can make it work - thanks for the kind words :-)

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

I'd love to help, but I've never even come close to sewing clothes. He looks great in those pants, though!! xx

Kate said...

The pants look great!

breezy bree said...

Great trackies... :)

hanna said...

The pants are great.
Looking forward to seeing some tops. My advice is just go for it!
You could make the hat from mama-to-mama. It's newborn size but ou could just make it a litle bigger. So easy.
see here

Cindy said...

The pants are looking so good! I know that Oliver + S have a envelope style top in their pattern range if that is of any help.