Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Makes

Well there's nothing quite like publicly putting it out there that you are going to do something...that quilt sat and screamed at me all week "you have to finish me - you told the blogisphere you would!"

Firstly, I need to be honest, I did not finish the quilt {sigh}. However, I did get back on track with it. It took me until Friday night to start working on it, when I sewed up three more rows of triangles. That's when I realised I was out of my tangerine fabric and needed to do a trip to spotlight. This is where the progress ground to a halt. I didn't get to spotlight until Sunday and by then I lost my mojo. I only have to do two more rows. I also made up all my binding. So I think this is definitely a "win".

This week I need to make a present for a baby shower. I plan to make something {not sure what} from the left over fabric from the quilt I made above. So a smaller project this week, but sometimes even harder when you need to decide on a what to do. 

I would love you to join me, add your link below so I can see what you are going to make this week!

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