Saturday, February 23, 2013

Be My Valentine?

It's been so long since my last post that it feels almost rude to come back here and show my face.  
But I really miss my little blog and I often think about all the different things I should be sharing with you guys.
Here are some pictures of the Valentines Day party that I had for Isabella. 
We invited all the girls in her new class as well as three of our neighbours.

I hope some of you are still talking to me. And I will be back real soon with another post - I promise!


Libbie Doyle said...

I just started back up after two months off too :) And I m so glad because I'd hate to have missed the party!!! Sweetest lil party!!! That table is amazing!!! I can just hear the giggles! You sure treated them!

Pomona said...

I'm still here - and I love your beautiful pics. It must have been a wonderful party! Look forward to hearing more from you.

Pomona x

Little Gumnut said...

Deliciously pretty! Of course we're still here! Love your blog posts, frequent or infrequent!! xx