Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Creative Space

Last week we went camping and of course I took my latest crochet project which is this stripy blanket for Jacques bed. He doesn't mind that it's not finished and takes any opportunity to snuggle up under it. 

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Carmel's Closet said...

Definitely a snuggle blanket! Just lovely.

Cat said...

Def a snuggle blanket
I'll be taking mine camping toooooo

Libbie said...

Stacey I ALWAYS LOVE your colors!!! He looks soooo adorable cuddled up! You are a brave lady to take it camping! Hope you got a chance to work on it a little :) & hope you guys had fun....Kelly still hasn't relaly convinced me to actually GO camping :) I know the kids would love it though so maybe next summer :) For one night only :)