Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Christmas Challenge

Every year I have big plans for Christmas, but as it gets closer the list gets shorter because I didn't start early enough and I run out of time. Sound familiar? So this year, together, we are going to commit to working as hard as we can to finish as many things on our Christmas list during the month of November.

If you have friends and family that read your blog, don't worry, we have set up a group blog that everyone who is joining in can contribute to. That way it all stays secret squirrel. So in the details below when I say to "post on your blog" you can choose whether you want to use your blog or the group blog.

The details:
  • The challenge will start on Tuesday 1 November
  • On your blog post your list of what you would like to make in time for Christmas
  • Link your post to my blog so we can all see what you are hoping to achieve and who's joining in
  • Then each Tuesday post on your blog what you have completed
  • Link your post to my blog so we can all pop around cheering each other on
If you would like to join in please leave a comment below and I will be in touch shortly with more details including how to access the Christmas Challenge Blog.


Little Gumnut said...

Hmmm I'm thinking I will!! I need to make a list though and then your challenge should give me the good kick up the arse I need to make sure I do them! BTW, have mentioned your kids clothes on the blog today here....

Sandra said...

oh me I want to join, have blogged all about your challenge

Anonymous said...

i also would love to join,thankyou