Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boy Oh Boy!

Things have been pretty hectic here. I survived my sons third birthday party, which I'll post about another day, even though I forgot to take photos of the things I made! And then that same night being invited to a Miglio jewellery party where I got to meet the lovely (and very good baker) fellow blogger Sophie of Little Gumnut. Then my baby boy, well baby to me, had an asthma attack and ended up having his first sleep over at a hospital.
Here he is finally sleeping, the repidred and ventolin made him very hyper! Which is not cool when you are trying to keep them jumping about and losing their breath. Bless!


LissyLou said...

aww bless him, hope he is back to his normal self very soon xx

Kat said...

aww the poor little fella! I hope he is feeling better now.