Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am so sorry I haven't updated my blog since announcing my big news. But life has been crazy moving countries. I have said goodbye to family, friends, school, kindy, my house and it was all much sadder than I expected. So here is a little update on my happenings and findings in the last little while:
- Sydney is huge!
- There is so much to do in Sydney!
- Everyone is so friendly
- We decided to settle in Sutherland Shire
- We have rented a house which is much smaller than what we had in Auckland, but I love it!
- It is a lot like a house we owned a few years ago with the same colour scheme, light fittings and door handles!
- We are camping out in our house until our stuff arrives (hopefully the end of next week)
- We don't have a washing machine and I spent $44 at the laundrette yesterday
- It's only $2 more at the laundrette to use the full service and pick up washed, dried and folded washing
- We have a possum living in our garage and need to get him out before our stuff comes
- My son is loving his new school
- I have made a lovely friend that I meet at my daughters ballet who helped me get my son into her sons soccer team
- We've got two (that I can see) big Saint Andrew's Cross spiders in our front garden
- My husband is more scared of Australian spiders than me
- Apparently deers swim across from the National Park and hang out in my neighbourhood
- I miss my cat! He will be coming over to be with us shortly
- The local preschools wait list is fully booked for the whole of next year
- My friend may have managed to get me a spot at her daughters preschool
- I love $2 2 litre bottles of milk
- I am loving the shopping
- I haven't found any fabric shops - yet!
- Although I do believe I have a local Lincraft
- In 3 weeks I will be going back to New Zealand to teach at Handmade in Wellington
- I haven't done anything crafty for months now
- But I have ordered myself some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms to start making myself a hexi quilt
- All in all I am feeling very happy with our new life in Sydney!
Thanks for popping by after being away for so long! Oh - and if you live in Sydney, any inside information would much appreciated :)


VintageVicki said...

Sounds like you are settling in well. Not sure I'd cope with Aussie spiders - am scared enough of our tiny little (non dangerous) British ones!

Pomona said...

I never saw any spiders when I was in Oz, but I was told about them! Hope your new life in a new place continues to go well.

Pomona x

greta @ topography said...

Wow, sounds like you have been very busy and are settling in, I hope your things arrive soon!

clare's craftroom said...

Hellooooo ! Guess what I have a brother that lives in the Shire ! I'll let you know next time I visit him so you can put the kettle . So glad to hear you are settling in well , speak soon .

Glennie said...

Not liking the spider information !!

Kat said...

Welcome to Australia! Glad to see you are loving Sydney. It is my favourite city in the world. I have family that live there and I hope to live there one day. Trust me when I say you get used to the spiders. Just get a thong (or jandal) and squash them. St Andrew's Cross spiders are not toxic to humans so don't stress about them too much.

sweet emmelie said...

Wow, you sure have been busy. I looked up the handmade site, it looks very interesting, what are you teaching? Can't wait to hear about the details. Congrats on living in sydney, hope more settling in comes soon with the kindy and all. Good to hear you are back with the blog!!!

Carolyn said...

Hope your new life in a new place continues to go well. Glad to see you are loving Sydney.

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