Monday, April 27, 2009

Cath Kidston Applique

I got the lovely Cath Kidston Make! book and have been dying to give the appliqueing a go.

I have done a bit before but always on the sewing machine, I have never finished it off by hand, and I have to say the end result is lovely.

I bought this second hand dolls cot for my daughter and have been wanting to make her a new quilt and pillow for it.

I am a sucker for making everything reversible and the fabric I used worked really well for that. One side was the large floral pattern, which I then used to cut out the flowers and applique them on the polka dot side.

Here's another quilt set I made about a year ago, funnily enough it fits perfectly. I used the same pink polka dots so that it can all mix and match. Actually everything I do for my daughter usually involves these pink polka dots. There's also a baby bag I made for my daugther that matches this quilt. I might take some photos and post them later.
Again, it's reversible!
Thank you rock!


Hazel said...

Gorgeous! So beautifully done! B's baby is one lucky piece of plastic - ha ha! You need to photo B's lovely pink skirt - that's awesome too. See you tomorrow. x

Sarah said...

Hello Stacey! These look a little like the fabulous ones you kindly made for playgroup. I love the pretty fabrics you have used. At least if you use the pink polka dot fabric often, everything co-ordinates! I would love a nosy in that lovely book you have. I also adore Kath Kidson. Have a great day!

running thread said...

Hi Stacey - great job on the quilts. I've got Cath Kidson's book too and have been keen to get a project underway ... but wondered how easy/hard it would be. Thanks for the real life inspiration.

corrie said...

oh that it so cute!!!!!!!!!! love it!


urban craft said...

Love the quilt for the baby doll. Kids love handmade too, great for inspiring creativity!

spearmint baby said...

hi! we would love to feature your doll bed quilt on
please email if interested. thanks, shari

Anonymous said...

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