Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year

Here we are in another New Year and I am feeling optimistic that 2014 is going to be great!
Maxabella Loves has inspired me with "one word" to describe personal goals for the year, and after a lot of pondering I have decided on: Mindful

Mindful of Our Food
I want to be more mindful when it comes to additives, preservatives and colourings. I want to use more wholefoods and learn to cook more things from scratch.

Mindful of Nasty Chemicals
I want to learn about nasty chemicals that are found in cleaning and beauty products, and I want make my house completely free of them.

Mindful of My Children
My youngest will be starting school this year and I have mixed emotions about my little buddy not being around anymore. I want and I need to be more mindful of the fact that my babies are growing up and time with them is precious. I don't want their memories of me to be a grumpy mum that never had time to play with them. So my biggest challenge is to be more mindful of my children.

I could come up with more, but to be frank I will do well to work on these three, do you have a word for 2014?


Bron Maxabella said...

I'm hoping my 'pause' might lead to more mindfulness, god knows I need it! I hope it's a brilliant year, Stacey. I love that shot and your graphic! x

Little Gumnut said...

mmmmm love love loving the colours in this photo! I'm not sure what the word for this year is but I think mine might be JOY!

Miss Prudence said...

hope the first day of school wasn't too tearful! Don't forget to practice "mindfulness" to nurture the mama!