Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Fever!

Are there any other football widows out there? Here's a picture of my husbands Birthday cake I made him, which is the Dutch football shirt.
My husbands 30th Birthday has coincided with the world cup, so his whole birthday has revolved around it. I got him the official Netherlands jacket, shirt and t-shirt, plus a huge flag that is hanging from our banister. His mother and grandmother have gone halves in sky tv for a year so that he can watch all the games. I also surprised him with a weekend away on our own last weekend, which I managed to engineer without him suspecting a thing. Needless to say - he is one happy Birthday boy! Which makes me happy too! Happy Birthday my darling husband - you rock!


A Blessed Life said...

You did well!!! although we are not a footy household,I have to say that being Aussie we awit the results ech time the Socaroos play..I think everyone has a little bit of heart in it, hope his fav team gets up a few games..Carole

Serenata said...

Brilliant cake - a very happy birthday to hubby!

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

great cake, from reading blog posts it looks like football fever is in nearly every house :)

bekimarie said...

Me, Me, Me, I'm a footie widow and to make it worse I'm trying to pack to move and obviously getting no help what so ever.
Just to make it worse, the final is the day after we move so will be getting no help at the other end either.
Happy Birthday to hubby, great cake!

Beki xxx

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Brilliant cake - I thought it was a folded shirt until closer inspection (now I am just longing for a piece - got any left???)

Hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet that the world cup brings... I've never had so much time to myself as hubby is content to watch footie and leave me to sew - yippee! Lucy xox

Anonymous said...

I must say, it was the best Birthday I've had by a long shot. The weekend away was fantastic. Just the two of us, I couldn't have asked for more. All the football apparel was great, and the cake was a spectacular effort. Thank you for putting in all the effort darling, it will not be forgotten :-)

Love Always,


missi mu said...

Love the birthday cake! Yes I am a football widow- my husband went to a friend's place at midnight in the freezing cold to watch Australia play terribly. But he loves it.

'Joyce' said...

oh what an awesome cake. We have been following it all too. My little ones put the tv on in the morning to get the updates. Oh and I love your disco fever cake also.